All teams are scored and ranked separately within their class (Master or Challenge or Short Track). Mixed teams and women teams are scored together as one separate class within the overall ranking of their starting class (Master, Challenge, Short), if there are five or more such teams. Within each starting class, there therefore is an overall ranking and an additional mixed/women ranking.

Scoring is based on finishing time. Time is taken non-stop from the start of the bike course until the end of the crossrunning course.

Additionally, you can get penalty points at the adventure elements.

These penalty points are converted into time; each penalty point equals a specified time span that is added to the finishing time. The amount of penalty points (and therefore the penalty time) you can get at the individual elements varies according to element.

You have only one try per element. Refusing an element by any team member means dropping out of scoring for the whole team. The team can still finish the race, though.

There is an award ceremony for the top three teams within each category. Each finisher gets a certificate and finisher bonus. Also, there is a prize drawing among all finishers. 

The winning team of each class and also the winning mixed/women team is awarded a challenge cup designed by a local artist. This cup will annnually be passed on to the new winner.


Team scoring system:

  • the team must not be separated
  • every team member has to pass through all of the race's sectors

Checkpoints along the trail and goal checkpoint:

  • the whole team has to hit the points together
  • a delay of more than 15 seconds between team members means disqualification!

Sticking to the trail:

  • the trail must not be abbreviated
  • the trail must not be left


  • If there's a time delay on the long distance bike trail, then the short distance route must be taken on the running trail

Apart from that, the athlete's conditions do apply.


Each participant needs to have the following equipment:

  • mountainbike (in technically flawless condition; no cyclo cross bike, road bike, etc. allowed)
  • bicycle helmet (mandatory!)
  • bike and running apparel, rainwear, appropriate footgear
  • backpack has to be carried throughout the whole race
  • 2-3 litres of liquids in a bottle / hydration pack
  • bicycle pump and repair kit (one per team is enough)
  • mobile phone, whistle, first-aid kit
  • headlamp for the mine
  • one compass per team


  • sunglasses
  • lip balm, foot balm, sunblocker
  • hat / cap / scarf
  • clothes for changing
  • race number belt for easy fixation of race number
  • whatever else you think you may need 

Clothes for changing in between disciplines and other apparel that you think you may need can be deposited  in the changing zone (please note: only athletes and staff are allowed entry). For easy identification, please put your personal garments into a bag with your name and starting number.