The race route is different in 2014 than it has been in the previous years but is still themed "altitude gain". In mastering it, you'll experience great Black Forest adventures within a small area: you'll struggle up heights and go down narrow paths, plunge into deep forest and open up to wide views, overcome obstacles and adjust to various routes and tracks. On the trail, you will also meet the six adventure elements that will each ask for your adventurous temper and team spirit.

You start with the bike course where you can choose beetween the Master Class (31 km / 1'538 hm), the Challenge Class version (21 km / 1'090 hm),  and the Short Track (10 km / ca. 600 hm). On the bike course, you'll be challenged with orientation tasks already. Also, you will find the adventure elements mine and flying fox.

At the end of the bike route, right within the changing area (which is also the starting and finishing area), the bike parcours awaits you. 

After that you start right onto the trailrunning course (21 km / 1'157 hm Master, 13 km / 687 hm Challenge, 6,6 km Short Track), where you have to prove yourself with orienteering again, then have to master the rope distance, before the last adventure element will await you in the finishing area: the obstacle course that challenges you one last time right before you cross the finishing line together.

By the way: The sequence of the adventure elements is part of the adventure - so be ready for surprises! :)

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